First and Foremost:


We appreciate you visiting our site and finding out more about us here at Intricate Web Solutions.  We hope that you have found our site helpful as well as informative enough to find what you are looking for in a web design business.

Our goal here is simple,

To give you a brand new identity over the net and help your company thrive by leveraging the technology of the world wide web.

What you can expect:

The outcome we look for when we complete a design or any of the other solutions we offer is finding you 100% satisfied with not only our work ethic or customer service but our constant communications with you each and every step of your project development. 

Who we are:

We are a small freelance family run business that specializes, but is not limited to, small and medium developed companies with a budget minded goal of developing their own web presense.  We understand that anyone wants nothing more than a easy working relationship with a developer that will produce more than just a cookie cut routine or averaged out web template that no one will find unique.  This our main reason for our business... to make you happy and fulfill our passion.

So why would you want to choose us over the rest.  Well if what we have stated isnt enough we will simpley fill you in on the steps we take to keep our process simple and effective which leaves our clients with a full understanding of the entire process.  Any and all meetings can be either in person, by phone & email or though VOIP and email.

1.  Introduction - No matter what type of work or design that is ordered the first step is the introduction phase which is a simple meeting in which we both get to know each other and were we find out everything we need to know about you and your expectations. Yes we do offer service outside of our area.  In this step there will only be a communication and the start of a partnership were we will set some goals and plan the next meeting in which we can conclude our ideas and begin a layout of your needs and a design.  This may be done via phone and emails communications.

2. Design Stage - This is the next meeting and where we take some of what we took from the first meeting and give you a run down of what we have put together for your layout, look and feel.  This meeting is where you give us your input as to changes, additions and new ideas you have for your project. Now we are begining with a brand new solution for your online presence.

3. BETA & Live Preview - There has been constant communication so far and now we are at the stage were we are testing and you can preview your project. At this point you will give us your final thoughts on your project and we will finish our testing and quality control phase. Now we go live and enter your site for its first Search Engine Submission.

Ofcourse this is a simplified and to the point version of our steps so you can know what to always expect out of Intricate Web Solutions.  Here at Intricate Web Solutions our #1 goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible.  We understand the confusion of everything that can be involved with building a website and devote ourselves to eliminating that very problem.

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