What our customers have to say about our services ...

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude in your customer service. Not only were you quick to help me in connecting my website issues, but the extent you went to considering I am in North Carolina and had much trouble finding a local retailer to help me. Also, the internet service is magnificent. It is reliable and I can take ease knowing that you are there to help anywhere, anytime... Thank You, Thank You

Moe Taillon


Dave Akins was a God-send to our ministry when it was time for our ministry to build a website. He answered all of our questions and walked us through the process from beginning to end, step-by-step. He was very patient with us and he was always eager to help us to communicate through our website the vision God had given us. Dave brought to the table a great deal of creativity and resources to provide us with a product that we love and a product that we believe will bless God’s people. Dave also provided us with the training that we needed to maintain our site and he continues to provide us with on-going support as needed. We were so blessed to come into a relationship with Dave and his wife, Amanda at a time when God was expanding our ministry.

Bishop Vincent and Pastor Victoria Jones
Refuge Ministries

Thank you so very much for reaching out to me so politely the night that you found Dirty South TV. Since you have come on board to help us properly create in real life the contents of my dream, we have shot straight to the top of everyone's conversation. Thanks to you and your hard work, your work ethic, your dedication, devotion and thoroughness we have blindsided Viacom, My Space, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and anyone else that was not being proper and fair to the music industry. Now they are all having huge board meetings worried about this Dirty South TV company coming out of nowhere and actually doing what should have been done a long long time ago. These companies have the money and power to hire a team of the best developers in the world to get things right and they all fumbled the ball that you picked up and ran in for the winning score.

I will thank you, praise you and love you far beyond my death, as you were the one person that clearly understood our mission and you practically singlehandedly made my dream come to full fruition and you are even still eager to try to tweak it just a little more. You are the dream working perfectionist teammate to have. I will gladly try to help you get more projects to work on as I know Dirty South TV isn't the only small company in the world that is doing something so positive for society that needs the brilliance and devotion you can bring their brand.

Please feel free to use Dirty South TV--and me personally--for any reference needs what so ever. I will gladly share you with other good people, that's just the way I was raised.

Respectively blown away by your ability and class,

Professional, Courtious and Devoted.

This is what makes Intricate Web Solutions stand out and also what will keep me coming back for every new project that I need. I can always count on Dave being there to lend a helping hand and his dedication to customer services is endless.

Robert Rainbow

What our customers have to say about our hosting services ... 

Paul Riker "I have been with a lot of web hosts, and I honestly can say you are the first that hasn't fed me one spoon full of lies after another. Your honesty is much needed in the hosting industry! Thanks guys!"

Mike Eve "You guys are the best! My site has awesome uptime, and the support has been fantastic. I'm always amazed when my support emails are responded to within minutes after submitting them. I love your control panel it's the easiest I have ever used, and has by far the most features. Your Auto install of all those scripts is just great.

Sean T. "I'm emailing in to thank your staff for walking me through the setup of my forum. You guys went above and beyond what a web host’s job is. Thanks again."

Jay Imbris "I would like to thank your company for being so patient with me. When I signed up with you I probably asked 20 questions my first day alone. All my questions were answered promptly. The professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge have been a life saver. The last company I was with I jumped for joy if they even responded to my questions, let alone answer. Keep up the great work.

Cindy S. "I haven't noticed my site down a single time since I've joined you. I have been with four other hosts and none of them match your speed and support. Keep up the great work, and you'll have me as a customer for life.

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