First off we not only fully support our Military but also we include those in our community that serve with little no or regard for themselves.   With this said we are pleased to tell you we offer discounts that may equal little or no cost if you qualify in the following categories.


Military Members - For those serving we offer discounts on all of our web solutions including our consulting services.  This includes Veterans, Retired Armed Forces and Active Duty.  Discounts may add up to little or no cost depending on the applicant.  We review each applicant on a case by case basis. To find out more and see if you qualify please contact us below.

Non-Profit Organizations - You may wonder if this pertains to any certain type of organization but it in fact pertains to any and all types of Non-Profit groups even if your trying to help save sheltered animals.  We will not work with any type of so called Non-Profit group that supports or condones illegal activities.

Public Servants - This category is limited to those who serve their community in a Public Safety enviroment but is not limited to a range of State or Local.  This is our way to give back as best we can to true everyday Heros that are rarely acknowledged or even given a second thought. 

Our discount solutions are our way of saying thank you and doing our best to help give back to our community and show our support.  We do reserve the right to refuse anyone a discount servce and we will cease development if found any one has applied and given false information leading us to believe they qualify as an applicant.

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